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Previously overlooked in favour of other more well-known Mediterranean countries, such as Croatia, Montenegro is fast gaining a reputation as a great place to travel.  You'll discover pristine natural landscapes, and rustic towns that ooze old-Europe charm, as well as buzzing Budva which is easily the country's most-visited destination, with its atmospheric Stari Grad (Old Town).

Montenegro is a place that offers many firsts, after-all when was the last time you zip-lined over the deepest canyon in Europe?  Or drunk water directly from the river and visited the resting place of a miracle-making saint?  This country is situated between the east and the west and offers a wonderful mix of different civilisations that have collided in one place and have left a mark that any traveller to this beautiful part of the world will cherish for a lifetime.  From Roman floor mosaics and Illyrian gray castles to Venetian stony walls, and vibrantly painted Orthodox monasteries. The ornamental Catholic churches and minimalistic mosque minarets, as well as the plane socialist style buildings will all tell you about Montenegro's rich cultural history.

So, if you're looking for a new destination to explore that combines a variety of experiences, rugged mountains and medieval villages, breathtaking beaches and incredibly friendly locals, then put Montenegro on the bucket list.


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