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Scotland has 186 inhabited and 600 uninhabited islands, which are mostly located on the northern and western coast. The scenery is divided into three different areas; the Southern Uplands, the Central Lowlands or also called the Midland Valley and the Highlands. Three totally different sceneries but they are all worth visiting when you are in Scotland.

Visit one of the historic towns like Stirling with his castle, or admire the beautiful scenery in the Highlands on location like Glen Coe or Torridon. Discover the picturesque villages in the Lowlands, or relax on the white sand beaches on the western islands. You will experience Scotland in a different way depending on the season.

Scotland is also well known for the visits you can bring to the whiskey distilleries. Further Scotland is the perfect country to enjoy a walk and soak up the beautiful nature. Last but not least enjoy a beautiful both trip on one of the lakes of Scotland, like the Loch Ness.


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