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Iceland is Europe's adventure playground with breath-taking landscapes consisting of boiling mud pools, spurting geysers, majestic glaciers and spectacular waterfalls.

Today the country is one of Europe's hottest travel destinations and with it's capital Reykjavík, a city filled with Viking history and renowned for its high-energy nightlife it's easy to understand why.

Indulge in a little horse riding, white-water rafting, glacier walks, caving, whale watching, sea kayaking and a spot of elf hunting. That's right we said elf Hunting. Elves are nothing new to Icelanders who have told folk tales of "little people" since the time of the medieval sagas and have even today, had roads rerouted and building plans redesigned or abandoned to avoid disturbing rocks where elves are said to live.

With an amazing mixture of stunning scenery and natural wonders, mythical traditions, viking heritage and the warmth of the Icelanders' this country is a must on any bucket list.


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