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Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia.  This beautiful Nordic country is a great travel destination offering magical winters and irresistible summers.  Discover breathtaking forests and picture-perfect lakes, stunning aurora displays and vibrant cities such as it's capital, Helsinki.  Finland is the land of adventure with some of the best hiking, kayaking and canoeing in Europe during summer and in Winter, explore its beauty on a snowmobile, husky sledding or by reindeer.  

Don't miss the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), as this incredible light show shimmers across the night sky.  You may even want to add sleeping in a glass teepee under the lights to your bucket list.

Spend the night at the ice hotel or drill a hole in the middle of an ice covered lake for a bit of ice fishing.  Make a snow angel on the Artic Circle or get up close with the moose at the world’s biggest moose farm. Get warm in a wood-fired sauna or celebrate New Year twice on the border between Finland and Sweden.



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