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The Benelux countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg offers travellers diverse cultures, arhitectural styles and distinct flavours all their own. Cultural Belgium has come of age and will provide you with medieval architecture galore in beautiful Bruges, dynamics cities with Brussels and Antwerp, as well as Ghent, once a a medieval city to rival even Paris, and now one of the most happening places to visit.

There are not many places like the Netherlands, with liberal Amsterdam, abundant windmills, forna and flora, boats, bikes, cafes and bridges, oh and lets not forget all the tall people. This small nation is rich in splendour with beautiful national parks and easily reached cities such as Haarlem, Groningen City, Rotterdam, Utrecht City, Den Haag, Leiden, Delft and Maastricht. Now we did mention Amsterdam, but lets elaborate with it's unique culture, many coffee shops and picturesque canals.

And let us not forget, the fairy-tale stuff of Luxembourg with it's proud people offering an independent spirit all their own and the national motto 'We want to remain what we are'. This country is pint-sized, however wonderfully diverse with lush highlands and valleys, mythical castles, ancient forests and vibrant towns.


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